Sluggo Bait Today—Fewer Slugs And Snails All Season

February 01, 2016 - Sluggo

Immature slugs are very small and are often undetected until after seedlings are damaged.

Overwintering slugs and snails are out there. Eggs laid last fall are hidden from view under rocks or deep in soil crevices. As soil warms and days lengthen, tiny (really tiny) slugs and snails will break free and look for their first spring meal.

Don’t let their baby faces fool you. And don’t let them, or the problem, get any bigger. All the ones you eliminate today mean fewer in the garden to damage vegetables and ornamentals throughout the growing season.

Sluggo combines iron phosphate, an effective slug and snail control with bait additives to ensure that these garden invaders eat enough bait to do them in.

Click on the video to see just how much tastier a Sluggo pellet is than traditional bait pellets for a slug. Watch as the slug continues to consume Sluggo while the other pellet is rejected.

Once slugs and snails have eaten their fill of bait, they stop feeding, creep away to find a hiding place, and die in three to six days. That’s three to six days they are not feeding on your garden plants.

Act now with Sluggo and stop this spring’s new crop of slugs and snails from becoming a summer-long problem in vegetable gardens, perennial beds, and ornamental borders.

Sluggo can be used around pets and wildlife and is approved for organic gardening.

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