Don’t Let Rain Wash Away Slug and Snail Control

February 29, 2016 - Sluggo

Get a jump on slug and snail control that will make a difference all season long. El Nino rains are filling lakes and reservoirs across the West, and that’s great for all our ornamental and vegetable gardens. But this weather is also the perfect weather to bring out slugs and snails. Rainy, overcast days and moist soil spell “danger” for spring flowers just popping up and tender veggies just starting out.

Hungry slugs and snails take advantage of mild spring weather. As night temperatures creep up into the 60s and rains continue, they move out from winter hiding places and into our gardens. Make the most of this early season activity by putting out Sluggo bait.

Concerned that rain will breakdown Sluggo bait, washing away control and wasting money? Worry no more! Wet soil and spring rains are no match for rain-fast Sluggo pellets. Traditional methaldehyde slug granules absorb water fast and begin to disintegrate all too soon—losing effectiveness and making a mess. Sluggo pellets are designed to stand up to rain, moist soil, and even summer sprinklers. Your slug and snail control program lasts on and on.

Enjoy the return of spring rains to parched areas knowing that Sluggo is on the job, helping to reduce slug and snail damage all around the yard.

Sluggo can be used where pets or garden wildlife are present, and is for organic vegetable gardens.

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