Slugs and Snails Out – Pets In

March 01, 2016 - Sluggo

Every gardener wants effective slug and snail control, but families choose Sluggo slug and snail killer over ordinary metaldehyde baits. Today’s gardeners want a yard and landscape that everyone can enjoy.

With Sluggo there are no second thoughts about letting the family dog, the new puppy, or the longtime kitty companion out to play with the kids.

But, our pets are not the only creatures found in the yard. With Sluggo, a home yard and backyard garden can welcome all kinds of critters and become part of a neighborhood habitat. In laboratory and field research, proven-effective Sluggo was shown to have no effect on earthworms, who are a huge contributor to great soils, as they burrow around. In addition, research data also show no concern where fish and birds are present, either in the garden or when passing through.

Use critter-friendly Sluggo to control slugs and snails throughout the yard, no matter the weather or the season—from spring perennials to colorful summer annuals to brilliant fall flowers. Organic vegetable gardeners can feel confident with Sluggo, too. It has no genetically-modified materials (GMOs), and it’s OMRI-listed** to meet strict National Organic Program (NOP) standards.

**The Organic Materials Research Institute (OMRI) ensures that all listed products follow NOP requirements.

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