Slugs and Snails: Way Worse than Weeds

March 15, 2016 - Sluggo

Are weeds your biggest challenge? According to some surveys, fighting weeds is a gardener’sworst problem. While it’s true that weeds might steal water, nutrients, and sunlight fromgarden plants, slugs and snails can reduce a gardener’s best efforts to nothing in a night.

A slug or snail attack on a new row of lettuce or precious tomato seedlings can be devastating. These pests use their rough “tongue” to scrape leaf surfaces or even to attack seeds just popping out of the ground. The youngest plants are the most fragile and have the fewest defenses. Act early with Sluggo slug and snail killer, to prevent this damage.

Nighttime feeding by slugs and snails results in a morning of shredded leaves or missing seedlings. And while many pests attacking the garden are looking for a particular vegetable, plant, or flower, slugs and snails eat just about anything they come across.

Protect your seed beds and new plant starts with Sluggo slug and snail killer, to make sure they come across these effective bait pellets before they find your plants. Scatter Sluggo pellets throughout the garden at planting to give your garden the strong start it deserves.

Sluggo can be used where pets or garden wildlife are present, and is for organic vegetable gardens.

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