Slug and Snail Control for the Impatient Gardener

April 01, 2016 - Sluggo, Gardening

Gardening sometimes requires patience. Careful planning goes into garden care all season long: from correct soil temperature, to plant food options, to the amount and timing of water. But, slug and snail control with Sluggo® is one task that can be done whenever you see damage—no planning required.

Sluggo is just the thing for the impatient gardener. It works on your schedule. Sluggo can be put out right after planting or throughout the season. Sluggo works in raised bed gardens, along rows of tomatoes, or in close-planted strawberry beds.

There’s no concern over watering, because Sluggo is effective even after sprinkling or rain showers. Clean-up is not a problem, either. Any bait not consumed by slugs or snails degrades to become part of the soil.

Summer time is especially hard for the impatient gardener. As tomatoes color up and beans fatten, you won’t have to balance slug and snail control against harvest time. Sluggo can be used even on the same day you pick those vegetables. No waiting or planning. So, if you see a strawberry at the peak of flavor or decide on a last minute salad, go ahead and scoop them up. You’re in charge.

Sluggo can be used where pets or garden wildlife are present, and is for organic vegetable gardens.

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