Fighting Slugs and Snails in the Organic Garden

April 15, 2016 - Sluggo, Gardening

Today we’re lucky to have organic food available in many grocery stores. And it’s fun to discover even more produce choices at farmers’ markets. Gardeners want to pick those same fresh, organic fruits and vegetables out of their own gardens.

But, slug and snail pests are always out there—causing problems, challenging our efforts, taking our time. You didn’t plant that garden to have more work. Scatter Sluggo® around your garden beds—protect those peas and save those strawberries. Effective Sluggo is out there day and night controlling slugs and snails, while you spend your time enjoying a salad of organic, home-grown lettuce.

Sluggo is labeled by the USDA’s National Organic Program for use in organic gardening and listed with OMRI (the Organic Materials Research Institute) for use in the production of organic food.

Using Sluggo can save the organic gardener from constant nighttime hand-picking of slimy slugs and snails, then finding a way to get rid of them. Plus, using Sluggo can prevent the disappointment of losing your hard work to slugs and snails.

Backyard organic gardeners will also be pleased to know that Sluggo has been accepted for use around our pets and the wildlife found in even urban gardens.

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