Keeping Clean in the Garden - Solving Garden Clean-ups

May 01, 2016 - Sluggo, Gardening

You know how it is. It’s just about bedtime, but you forgot to turn off the soaker hose. Out you go, bare feet, down the steps—and SQUISH! The slugs are already hard at work. Eww! Eww! Eww! Hopping over to the hose, you vow that tomorrow, for sure, you’re going to remember to put out the Sluggo before it gets dark.

But right now you have a different problem. Grabbing the nozzle and dowsing your foot just makes things worse. All this slime! How many slugs were there? Slime protects slugs and snails from drying out. It actually absorbs more than 40 times its volume in water. Your impression is correct. Running your foot (or your hands) under water really does make more slime.

Garden clean-up tip: If you get slime on your hands, just rub them together. Pretty quickly the slime dries up and disappears. Wiping off your foot or shoe with a paper towel wet with household vinegar, will also cut through the slime.

And here’s another tip for keeping clean in the garden. Before going out into the yard, scrape your fingernails over a moist bar of soap. Dirt can’t get in there, and it’s a faster clean-up once you’re back inside.

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