On the Lookout for Summer Pests

May 15, 2016 - Gardening

Spring is busy—digging holes for new trees, adding compost to the garden, planting seeds, starts, and all those containers. Summer is the time you want to relax and enjoy it all from the deck. But, holes appear in leaves, weeds pop up, and flowers look sad. Observation and quick action keep problems to a minimum throughout the season.

One tip is to enjoy your garden close up. As you walk among the flowers or set up the sprinklers, take a moment to notice whether a problem is starting up. Check new growth tips for aphids—a quick spray of the hose keeps them from taking over. Slugs and snails are active anywhere the soil stays moist and shady—apply bait as necessary around favorite plants. Weeds are easiest to pull up or hoe out when they are tiny—don’t wait. And, keep bird-netting on hand to protect ripening fruit.

Your springtime hard work doesn’t have to get eaten up by summer pests. If you don’t know what to look for, help is out there. Sign up for the newsletter of your local garden center. Check out your city news source for garden alerts. Download the garden calendar from the county Master Gardeners.

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